Exterior Painting Services

For a long lasting exterior painting projects to last, its more then just “slapping” a coat of paint just so it looks good. if you want a project to last, it require proper surface preparation,, cleaning, priming and painting.

We start by protecting the non-painted surfaces, roofs, walkways, driveways, landscape, windows, etc…
We then start removing the loose flaking paint, old, failing caulking around trim and windows, sand all the surfaces, clean, prime, apply new premium caulk 9yes, you should caulk after your prime, caulking adheres better to properly primed surfaces better then “raw wood”) then we apply premium exterior paints that are matched to the surfaces we are painting.

Industrial oil for metal surfaces, handrails, roofs, window lintels
100% acrylic semi gloss for doors, trim, windows
100% acrylic flat for foundations
100% satin for aluminum or vinyl siding, semi gloss is to “shinny”, satin is the best looking sheen for these surfaces
Masonry coating for your foundation
Stain for your fence or deck
We take the time to find the best, long lasting solution and the best, long lasting paint so your investment last for years.

Exterior painting services

Composite & Vinyl Siding
Doors & Windows Fascia
Eaves Wood & Vinyl Shutters
Architectural Woodwork Decks

Entry Door Systems
Complete Stripping
Staining and Refinishing 

Staining & Finishing of Natural Wood Surfaces
Cedar siding
Pine siding
Pressure treated limber, decks, fences

Metal surfaces
 Metal fences
Metal clad Windows
Doors Fences

Painting Related Repair/Replacement Services
Stucco Replacement
Decks and Patio Covers
Light Carpentry
Wood Repairs
Screens Gutters