Pressure cleaning

Pressure and Soft washing services


At Leeco we offer traditional pressure cleaning or ‘power washing’ services as well as soft washing.

Its not always about the pressure, for all surfaces we combine environmentally, pet, landscape and child friendly detergents (soap) for all surfaces. Its like washing you hands or your car, water alone just does not get the job finished properly.  We pre wet the surfaces and depending on the surface (brick, stone, cement, vinyl siding etc…) we apply the detergent, scrub the surface and then rinse.

Soft washing is a process where we pre-wet your home, apply a mild detergent scrub your surfaces with either a siding brush or a stiff bristle brush for brick, concrete and stone. and then rinse your home with low pressure. What’s the difference? that’s really based on the surface evaluation we arrive to provide a free, no hassle written estimate.

For shingled roofs that have the black mold stains we highly recommended the soft wash process, pressure washing may do the job, but the high pressure from the machine will damage your shingles,


Pressure cleaning for
  • Vinyl and aluminum Siding
  • Patios
  • driveways and sidewalks
  • mold, mildew and lichen covered shingles
  • barns
  • fences and decks
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