Flying Dog brewery
Brew house and corridors

Flying Dog Brewery

Leeco Painting was invited back to Flying Dog brewery in Frederick, Maryland. This time to paint the brew house and corridors.

Previously we painted all the offices and common areas about three years ago and they were so pleased with they asked us to return and make some additional improvements to the Frederick brewery.

The brew house was a bit of a challenge, since we could only work at night when there is less floor traffic from the brewery employees and easier for us to work and since we needed a 60 foot man lift to reach the high areas of the facility.

Even though we painted the brew house overnight, the brewery never shut down production. We used a negative air system to capture the dust and zero voc (volitaile organic compound) paint with zero odor to prevent contamination.

In the hallway we applied stripes and chevrons to the walls and we ground and polished the concrete floors to remove the old epoxy that has lost adhesion and was peeling, chipping and flaking.

Job Description
  • Walls
  • Window frames
  • Metal doors and frames
  • Metal handrails
  • Metal stair systems
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