Firestone's Culinary Tavern Frederick, MD

Firestones Frederick

Firestone’s restaurant, Frederick, MD interior and exterior painting and wallcovering

This was a tough project, the restaurants open six days a week, so we had only Monday’s to work on the interior and we completed all the work over four consecutive Monday’s.


In order to paint the historic tin ceiling, we would need to apply the paint using an airless spray system, but before we could apply any paint we had to prepare the room. We used over a quarter mile of plastic to cover the walls, handrails, back bar, main bar and over 3000 square feet of heavy rubber backed (we use rubber back so paint will not penetrate like regular canvas) drop cloths. This alone took 14 man hours.


Here you can see the dramatic color transformation, we used two airless spray systems, one painter was on the ladder spraying the high section, while another was on the balcony. We used two spray systems, because the paint dried quickly and was a satin finish and we did not want any lap line (stop and starts) on the massive ceiling.


This image shows the finished ceiling and just prior to the wall covering installation.

IMG_1745[1] IMG_1740[1]

Before we could install the new wallcovering we had to painstaking remove the hold grass cloth wall covering. We removed the old wallcovering using simple process of cold water and ivory dish soap. Hot water evaporates to quickly so we use cold water and the dish soap helps break down the old glue. Then once the walls were dry, we sanded the lightly, primed the surfaces and applied two coats of wall covering size. This is a special “primer” for wall coverings. We also talked the owners into removing a lot of horizontal wood trim from the box pillars behind the bar to help create a sense of height.

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