Kitchen cabinet painting, Frederick MD

Painting cabinets and finishing quality woodwork can be  a challenging and time-consuming process—one that most painting companies stay away from, not the experienced and skilled professional at American Painting Contractors, we never shy when it comes to difficult and highly-skilled work. In fact, we specialize in restoring historic woodwork and custom cabinetry. Our craftsmen are trained and experienced in all kinds of restoration techniques.

We only the highest quality materials to ensure that the primer and coating will stick and will not chip or peel and are washable for years to come.

Our process

  1. Cover all floors and counter tops to protect them during the process.
  2. Label all door and drawers and photograph for reference.
  3. Remove all hardware and store to be installed later unless new hardware is being used.
  4.  Use lightweight plastic to cover door ways and openings to other rooms to prevent dust from leaving the work area
  5. Clean and sand all surfaces to ensure proper primer adhesion.
  6. Apply a high adhesion bonding primer and let dry
  7. Lightly sand the primer to remove any grain that may have lifted from the primer.
  8. Apply one- two coats of high adhesion acrylic enamel and allow to dry.
  9. Re-install all doors and drawers
  10. Re-install  all hardware and new rubber bumpers so the doors close at the proper gap and do not make noise when shut.
  11. Clean up all protective cover and drop cloths.
  12. Wipe down counter tops, sweep or vacuum floors and leave you to enjoy your new looking kitchen.Yes this sounds like a lot of work and it is, but the average kitchen takes three days to complete, start to finish. [

Kitchen cabinet painting Frederick, MD


Kitchen cabinet painting Frederick, MD