American painting contractors only hires full-time employees to paint in your home. Our  competitors or franchises may use subcontractors and piece workers, not us!.

Here are 5 key reasons why it’s better to choose a company with full-time employees.

#1. Companies who hire full-time employees – Each employee is reference checked and a criminal background check is performed.

Subcontractors or piece workers may or may not be checked but their workers rarely if ever are. A subcontractor’s workforce may consist of undocumented workers, inexperienced workers or even criminals or day labor found at the parking lot of the local big box store. NOT APC!

#2. Companies who hire full-time employees – Each employee is paid weekly; taxes are withheld.

Subcontractors only get paid when they finish. They will hurry through a job to get paid and not pay attention to detail or the customers concerns and are most likely paid in cash or a straight check.

#3. Companies who hire full-time employees – Each of  APC’semployees receive benefits, including Health Insurance, 401k retirement contributions and Paid Time Off.

Subcontractors get no benefits, nothing, they don’t even have to have workers compensation, which is insurance that provides cash benefits and/or medical care for workers who are injured or become ill as a direct result of their job.

#4. Companies who hire full-time employees – Each APC employee gets continual education and training to better their skill set in painting, customer service and safety.

Subcontractors do things their own way, hurry through just to get a quick check and onto the next project.

#5. Companies who hire full-time employees – Employees want to stay and make sure the customer is happy. Apc employees in particular are invested in their work and are pleased to see a job well done. They are also invested in making sure the customer is 100% satisfied.

Subcontractors want to leave as fast as they can so they can get paid.